X-Pack live & remixed

Audio CD, 2010
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aufgenommen von Martin Reus
produziert und remixed von Anatol Bauer

1. Sympathy For The Devil
2. Hard To Handle
3. Fortunate Son
4. Viking
5. Sad Boy Blues
6. Radar Love
7. I Shot The Sheriff
8. Driving In The Sunrise
9. Whole Lotta Rosie

10. Viking (Skaldic Beat Remix)
11. Driving In The Sunrise (Nevada Sunset Remix)

I Shot The Sheriff (Video)

Heut' Abend - Live in der Rockhouse Bar
Audio CD, 2009
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aufgenommen live in der Rockhouse Bar Salzburg
produziert von Martin Reus

1. Old Time Rock&Roll
2. Walking By Myself
3. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
4. Man Without Head
5. Sad Boy
6. A-Bass Blues
7. Mercury Blues
8. Andrea Doria
9. The Thrill Has Gone
10. Games People Play
11. Whole Lotta Rosie
12. Proud Mary

Bonus Tracks:
13. Sympathy For The Devil
14. Radar Love

Ten Years Later
Audio CD, 2003
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produziert von Manfred Kirchmeyer

1. Looking Back
2. Hard To Handle
3. Love And Heat
4. Fortunate Son
5. Viking
6. Driving In The Sunrise
7. Sad Boy Blues
8. Melody's A Hard Old Lady
9. Sunshine Of Your Love
10. Mustang Sally

Six For Free
Audio CD, 1999
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produziert von Robert Fercher

1. I Shot The Sheriff
2. Woke Up This Morning
3. Sad Boy Blues
4. The Thrill Is Gone
5. Strange Girl

Six Pack Demo
MC, 1995 / Audio CD 2009

Das erste Demo-Tape, aufgenommen 1995. Nicht im Shop erhältlich - internal use only ...

1. Sad Boy Blues (demo)
2. Fat Mama In Red (demo)
3. Ain't No Way (demo)
4. Little Chevrolet (demo)
5. Midnight Hour (demo)
6. Sons Of Guns (demo)
7. Double Heart Livin' (demo)
8. Six For Free (demo)
9. The End (demo)